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MSRP $2,999.99

MC-520 Cozzia Mobility Seating

Built to the exacting standards needed for users weighting 100-300lbs, the chair incorporates proprietary memory foam and functional fabric that meets water repellent, stain repellent, oil repellent and fireproof requirements. 

Excellent features make this mobility seating a popular choice among people. The electric lift function helps easy in and out of the chair. Fully Adjustable Armrests on both sides can not only reduce muscular strain or shoulder tears when getting in and out of the chair, but also allow ease of entry and exit from sides of chair. One touch go to  Zero-Gravity/ HOME / TV / LIFT position allows for convenient postural adjustment to achieve any desired position.


Zero Gravity Benefits

 . Distributes user's weight across the chair
 . Relieves stress on the body 
 . Less pressure on the spine 
 . Reduce stress on the heart 
 . Relieve muscle tension
 . Less pressure on the heart and expanded lung capacity 
 . Increased circulation and increased blood oxygen levels



    Heating Therapy        Air Massage             Lift function        Headrest Adjustable  Retractable Armrest  Adjustable Backrest


 •  Lift chair function to easily in and out of the chair

 •  Retractable armrest to relaxing muscles and ease of entry and exit from the chair 

 •  Trendelenburg position to improve blood circulation and relieve stress on the body

 •  One touch to conveniently go to LIFT / HOME / TV / Zero-Gravity position

 •  Independently operated Footrest & Backrest to achieve any desired position

 • 4 Bags air massage and heating therapy on the back

 • Adjustable air bag lumbar support to help the natural curvature of spine

 •  Headrest adjustable

 •  Extended legrest to put the legs in more comfortable positions  

 •  Backup battery in case of a power failure

 • Functional Fabric: water repellent; stain repellent; oil repellency ; fireproof

 • Memory foam in seat cushion 

1 Year Labor with IN-HOME SERVICE, and 2 years on all parts

Please visit the Warranty and Extended Warranty page for more detailed information regarding product warranty policies.