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For over 20 years, Cozzia’s parent company Xiamen Comfort Science and Technology has been a Global Leader in innovative seating and wellness solutions.  Cozzia is proud to be the North American division bringing these unique wellness products to North America. 

At Cozzia, our passion is your Wellness!  Cozzia improves your wellness by using our innovative technology and applying it to our diverse line-up of health impacting seating solutions.  Cozzia’s Research and Development and manufacturing complex  is located in Xiamen, China.  Our manufacturing facilities encompass almost 2 million square feet.   Cozzia is in fact truly a technology company that applies technology to Wellness seating.  This is combination of Comfort Science and Technology in our DNA and fuels our passion for Wellness Seating Solutions.  We call these seating solutions our R4 Collection.  Why R4?


Cozzia is recognized as a world leader in Robotic Massage Chairs.  Our Robotic Massage chairs incorporate our latest innovations in robotic massage.  Cozzia chairs are feature rich with air cell technology, interactive 3D full body massage, our incredible foot massage, chromotherapy, Zero Gravity and even stereo sound. 


Cozzia has redefined Zero Gravity recliners with our Svago line of Zero Gravity chairs.  Zero Gravity’s health benefits are amazing and our new Svago line brings these health benefits to you in an innovative, stylish and incredibly comfortable lounger.


Cozzia has taken the lead in mobility seating.  Why mobility seating?  We have taken Cozzia proprietary technology and applied it to lift chairs.  By doing so, we have created a whole new category of chairs.  People dependent on mobility scooters  will appreciate Cozzia’s new motorized armrests allowing for easy ingress and egress from our power, lift recliners..  No longer will Scooter users have to navigate arm rests to sit in their easy chairs.  All lift chair users will appreciate Cozzia’s innovative “Aria” air cell massage and heat.  Aria refreshes you while you are seated and the heat is therapeutic.  Both Aria and Heat add to blood circulation.  Finally, our adjustable “cradling” headrest allows you to find that uniquely comfortable position whether reading, relaxing or watching TV.


Cozzia has just launched its Ergo Seating.  Cozzia’s Ergo seating takes refined style to a new level!  Cozzia’s Ergo seating has to be experienced to be understood.  It starts with Cozzia’s commitment to Wellness seating and ends with the finest recliner in the world.  How can we make that claim?  Just sit in our Ergo seating and you’ll understand.  Our seating cushion is not just a foam cut out, but rather a combination of pocketed coil seating and viscous memory foam all framed in by high density solid foam.  No other chair sits like our Ergo collection.  Additionally, we didn’t forget our commitment to wellness.  We added our “Air Flex” back.  What is Air Flex?  It is a patented moving back that allows the occupant to move side to side in the chair, while having the spine of their back continually supported.  Air Flex didn’t just happen, it was developed by a world famous orthopedist.  Cozzia didn’t stop there, we added the Aria air cell massage system to our Ergo seating as well.  We’re proud of our Ergo seating and think we have the world’s best recliner of its kind.  Best in class styling, best in class materials, best in class comfort and through Cozzia technology, the only chair of it’s class in the world.

We invite you to explore our website to discover exciting seating solutions for your individual needs. 

Cozzia, we bring together technology and comfort science to create a new classification we call Wellness Seating.